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Extreme’s mud pulse telemetry system offering precision Inclination/Azimuth, Full MWD, and gamma ray logging, all from one tool. Choose XPulse™ for your Measurement While Drilling needs.


  • Switch between Survey on Connection™ and toolfacing MWD on Demand with a simple downlink.
  • Survey on Connection™ takes automatic surveys during every connection and decodes when drilling resumes resulting in Net Zero survey time during drilling.
  • Suitable for all applications from vertical monitoring to horizontal drilling with full MWD functionality.
  • Optional gamma ray logging capability, supported by the Extreme 24/7 Command Center.
  • Wireless capability allows data to be decoded to any network hub on or offsite.

Watch the XPulse video below

XPulse™ Video

Download the XPulse™ Spec Sheet

XPulse Product Sheet