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Fixed-collar Directional Survey

At the core of the Extreme™ measurements-while-drilling/ logging-while-drilling (MWD/LWD) system is the modular TelePacer * fixed collar directional tool with positive-pulse telemetry. The tool provides continuous inclination and azimuth information and acts as the telemetry module to make real-time data transmission possible. The Datalink* MWD real-time communications platform provides communication with downhole LWD sensors.

The gamma ray service is easily added to the directional assem bly and will produce high-resolution, repeatable logs for lithology determination and/or correlation.

Operating modes are fully programmable at the surface. For added tool flexibility, pulse width and transmitted parameters can be reprogrammed while the tool is in operation downhole.

The simple, proven, reliable Extreme™ vibration monitor in the bottomhole assembly (BHA) is integrated to the TelePacer MWD platform. The internal vibration sensor output in counts of shock above 5g per second. Once BHA vibration is detected, the necessary adjustments can be made to the drilling parameters to reduce BHA damage and improve drilling performance.

Download the TelePacer Spec Sheet