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Spectral Gamma Ray

The TelePacer* modular MWD platform with spectral gamma ray (GR) provides detailed while-drilling formation structure data. This advanced GR configuration positively identifies stratigraphic laminations along the lateral by giving insight into mineral composition and clay content.

Spectral GR measurements for high-volume reservoirs

Using potassium, thorium, uranium, and total GR measurements, spectral GR provides three additional curves and 2% total GR precision. With this data, you can more efficiently and effectively:

  • place laterals and steer within the targeted zone
  • identify lateral formation heterogeneity
  • determine clay type
  • assess clay volume
  • perform accurate well-to-well correlation
  • infer total organic carbon when combined with information from pilot wells.

This module is offered within the single-collar TelePacer platform. By adding additional components without increasing the length of the drillstring, the TelePacer platform preserves the tight economics inherent to drilling in high-volume unconventional reservoirs.

Download the SGR Spec Sheet

Telepacer SGR Product Sheet