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At-bit Inclination and Image Gamma Ray Service

The iFinder* tool family includes the iPZIG* system. The iPZIG tool provides at-bit gamma ray images along with traditional natural gamma ray measurements, dynamic inclination, RPM and temperature. The at-bit gamma ray image can be provided in sectors for superior real-time geosteering capabilities that include formation bed dip calculations.

Operating directly behind the drill bit, the iPZIG at-bit inclination and gamma ray service provides real-time measurements that reduce directional drilling risk in critical hole sections. The early indication of changes in lithology, delivered by the gamma ray log, helps to accurately land horizontal wells.

Designed to operate as two separate subs, a lower sub, located directly above the drill bit, acquires data and transmits data to the upper sub, located above the drilling mud motor. The upper sub provides communication to measurement/logging-while-drilling systems.

The iPZIG can accommodate flexible bottomhole assembly (BHA) designs, and is com patible with any drilling mud motor. iPZIG provides the closest to the bit sensor offsets available in the industry and is the only tool to provide both gamma and inclination at the bit. These measurements are used to help determine well path placement and de termine position in real-time while drilling.

The iPZIG sub is an accurate, cost effective geosteering solution whether drilling for optimum reservoir drainage, setting casing, or just to determine position real-time while drilling.

Download the iPZIG Spec Sheet

iPZIG Spec Sheet