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Incorporated in 2001, Extreme Engineering™ (Extreme) started as a group of industry experts focused on developing, engineering and manufacturing (OEM) a new suite of MWD tools – Mud Pulse and Electromagnetic (EM). In 2005 Extreme began offering its first survey tool rental service, XPulse™, to local clients in Western Canada. Early adopters helped to re-develop the technology into what is now known as Survey On Connection™.

By 2007, Extreme had deployed the world’s first fully unmanned EM MWD tool. The fleet is now across North America and several countries globally with proven reliability.

Up to the acquisition of Extreme by Schlumberger Limited (June 2008), Extreme had received numerous honors, awards and accolades, including the coveted R&D 100 and ASTech “Outstanding Commercial Achievements in Science & Technology”. To Schlumberger, Extreme brought an answer to the high volume global land markets (XPulse™ Survey On Connection™), a successful EM tool (XEM™) to support their massive drilling fleet, and an inventive engineering team they could utilize for “Quick to Market” development of game changing technologies.