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Extreme Product & Technology Centre

The role of the Extreme Product and Technology Centre (XPTC), is to deliver cost effective Measurement While Drilling products (XEM™, XPulse™) and technologies for improved drilling efficiency. XPTC is composed of 70+ Engineering, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Quality specialists with privileged access to the entire Schlumberger R&D community.

The Engineering group is composed of 30+ engineers and technicians with expertise in the following fields:

  • Telemetry (modulation, signal processing, digital receiver, data compression)
  • Electronics design (analog and digital design, high temperature electronics, PCB routing, shock and vibration packaging)
  • Mechanical design and analysis (finite element FEA & CFD, 3D modeling, drafting, tolerance analysis, manufacturability)
  • Software development (embedded software, Real-time and application software)

The Supply Chain and Manufacturing groups are composed of 30+ professionals with expertise in sourcing, planning, procurement, manufacturability, lean manufacturing, process engineering to support the internal assembly, integration and testing of all  roducts. An independent Quality group ensures all dimensions of Quality: from supplier quality to internal quality.